USA CLEANERS ESTABLISHED IN 1985, USACLEANERS has been providing quality and professional garment care to the people of the Inland Empire.  We have always worked hard with you to make your dry cleaning and laundry needs more convenient....but NOW IT HAS GOTTEN EVEN EASIER!  With the advent of our new pick up and delivery service to our community, you can still receive professional care and service with competitive rates without compromising quality.

Service Prices

* Note : Store prices may be lower or higher than below listed prices per each store. Please check the stores. 
** We charge 0.05% environmental fee on dry cleaning price, not on laundry cleaning price. We pay the license fee separately to use the Greenearth solution.

Articles Description. Price
Suits 2pc


Suits 3pc $16.95
Tuxedo   $15.95
Sports coat/Blazer   $8.45
Jackets   $8.45
Coats 3/4length $15.95
Coats long $21.95
Pants/Slacks   $4.95
Shorts   $4.95
Overalls/Jumpsuits   $13.95
Blouse/Shirt   $4.95
Vest   $4.95
Sweater   $5.95
Sweater Jacket $8.95
Dress   $12.95
Dress Suite-2pc $15.95
Skirt short $4.95
Skirt long $6.95
Neckties/Scarves   $4.95
Raincoat   $19.95
Raincoat w/lining $21.95
Ski Jacket   $18.50
Ski Pants   $8.95
Government Uniform Shirts and Pants each $4.95
Tops $4.95
Comforter DC/LD $45.25
Bed Spread any size $45.25
Blanket DC/LD $38/25
Drapery per pleat $3.75
Rehang service $4.50
(per pleat)
WEDDING GOWN  Clean and Boxed Varies
LEATHER   Varies
Articles Description Price
Dress Shirt no starch , starched add 25 cents


Designer Shirt fashion ornament w/ hand iron $4.95
Polo Tees and Tuxedo Shirts   


Pants and Jeans   $5.95
with starch $7.95
Blouse   $4.95
napkins each $2.75
Bed Sheet and Cover   $18.95
Tablecloths small/large $14.95-  
Blanket/Comforters LD/DC $35.00 -
Down comforters $55..00
Sleeping Bags Bags $35-39
  Down filled $49.00
Replace Zipper pants and skirt $12.50
invisible zipper $14.50
Hem pants  $12.50
pants with cuff $14.50
skirt  $16.50
skirt with lining and pleat $19.50
dress   $19.50-
dress with lining and pleat $38.50
Jacket Sleeve Shorten    $21.50
Taking in of waist pants and skirt $18.50
Tapering dress, pants, and skirt  $18.50
Elastic Replacement dress, pants, skirt   $18.50
Jacket Waist Adjustment   $28.00
Emergency Contact Number : 909-528-4525 / customer support :
 established in 1985 and continuing to serve the Inland Empire by John and Susan Chun. 
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